Let’s Take A Look At Pokemon Center’s Pokemon Dessert Plate Merchandise

Let’s Take A Look At Pokemon Center’s Pokemon Dessert Plate Merchandise

This week, the really sweeeeeeeet Pokemon Dessert Plate merchandise lineup has launched at Pokemon Center in Japan.

The dessert inspired Pokemon mascot plushies and bags may look edible to you, but be warned – they aren’t!

We’ve linked every product showcased here to their respective pre-order pages on Amazon Japan, so you can conveniently place an order if you’d like to purchase. Check out our guide first if you’re new to shopping on Amazon Japan.

Here’s our first look at the Pikachu mascot from the Pokemon Dessert Plate collection!

And here’s the rest of the gang – featuring Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Snorlax, Eevee, Vulpix, and Alola Vulpix. Pretty cute, huh?

You can pre-order the mascots here.

Next up, we have a Pancake Cushion, with cute lil’ Venusaur resting on it (yes, it’s included).

Pre-order Pancake Cushion

The tote bags, stationery cases, and smartphone covers are decorated in Pokemon dessert art.

Mini Tote Bag / Pouch (Pink) / Mini Pouch (Blue) / Multi Smartphone Cover with Strap

Face towels and “cup cake” towels are available too. The mini towels come in special cupcake-like packaging.

Face Towel / Cup Cake Towel Pink / Cup Cake Towel Blue

This is the cutest way to write memos to your family and friends.

Pre-order Memo in a Box

If that’s not your taste, there are other stationery from notebooks to A4 clear files.

A4 Clear File (2 in a set) / Flat Case Pink / Flat Case Blue / Assorted Stickers / A5 Notebook Set

Keep your drinks warm with the Pokemon Dessert Plate stainless steel bottle.

Pre-order Stainless Steel Bottle

If you prefer something fancier, there’s a tea pot set.

Pre-order Tea Pot Set

Baking some desserts in the kitchen? This is probably the most matching apron you’ll ever have.

Pre-order Apron

Tie up your gifts in a sack with these pretty gift wrapping!

Pink Gift Wrap / Blue Gift Wrap

And that wraps up the merchandise lineup! What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.