Level-5 Shows Off Megaton Musashi Off-screen Trailer, Official Website, More Details

Level-5 Shows Off Megaton Musashi Off-screen Trailer, Official Website, More Details

True to its promise, Level-5 has finally revealed a trailer and website for Megaton Musashi.

In 2016, a cross-media project in the form of the mecha-series Megaton Musashi has been announced. The project, following a similar direction as Yo-kai Watch and Snack World, is based off a concept which is a “combination of classic robot stories and school mysteries.”

As previously announced, the cross-media project will include an RPG, anime, toy line, etc. Level-5 has already chosen Bandai as its toy line partner.

While no platforms have been announced for its game yet, Level-5’s CEO noted way back that he wanted the game to be playable on larger screens.

Check out the off-screen trailer and details below:

■ About

A Classic Robot Story + School Mystery Drama

In addition to intense robot battles, a suspenseful story will unfold at the academy.

In A.D. 2118, a mysterious alien power called “Dractor” suddenly swooped down on earth. Within a few days, it gained total control of the planet.

Earth was drilled out in the shape of a doughnut, and the planet became an alien nest. Those who escaped to the “Shelter,” a residential facility with strong defensive capability, planned their counterattack.

Their last hope. The power to go up against the aliens’ overwhelmingly huge weapons… Its name is “Musashi,” a megaton-class giant robot.

■ Characters

Yamato Ichidaiji (voiced by Masakazu Morita)

The main pilot of Musashi Unit 1. While he doesn’t sweat the small stuff, little things can sometimes get him fired up. He is a highly capable pilot, boasting good judgment, reflexes, and other good qualities.

Ryuugo Hijikata (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

The pilot of Musashi Unit 2. Unlike Yamato, he comes off as the leader of a juvenile gang. Although he looks like a hot-blooded delinquent, he is actually good guy with a big heart.

Teru Asami (voiced by Miyu Irino)

The pilot of Musashi Unit 3. A top elite when it comes to performance. He is calm and never off guard. He comes off as cold towards various things at first, but actually longs for friendship.

Other Characters

  • Reiji Amemiya (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa) – A student who transferred to the protagonists’ high school after Yamato and the others defeated Grit Fused-Type. Just who is this mysterious transfer student…?
  • Yuuka Nishino (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu) – Yamato’s classmate. The head of the school newspaper. She is enthusiastic when it comes to club activities and is always looking for scoops. Upon investigating mysterious cases in town, she starts to sense an uncomfortable feeling about the town…
  • Sayaka Minami (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto) – The M-Plan project leader who instructs the three Musashi pilots from the Musashi Control Bridge. And just what is the M-Plan…?
  • Queen (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) – The Queen of Dractor. Even when Grit Fused-Type is destroyed, she sneers, “You are desperate to survive. Lovely, is it not?” What will be her next move towards human extinction?

■ Robots

Megaton Musashi

The strongest giant robot on earth, created through the collective efforts of the planet’s technologies. It is about 60 meters tall and is a combination of the three smaller Musashi units. In addition to standard weapons like a photon revolver, it has a secret weapon in the form of the diffusion blaster.

Sky Build

Megaton Musashi is a super-large machine made up of the three smaller Musashi units. Combining these three units requires a lot of energy. In order to combine, each unit must halt their propulsion engines and freefall. This air-combining mechanism is called “Sky Build.”

Diver-Class Units

“Diver-class” units are essential to humanity’s battle against Dractor. While not as strong individually as Megaton Musashi, the fighting strength of a party of Diver-class units is by all means formidable.

Diver-class units include:

  • Diver Unit Zero-6
  • Diver Unit Robinson
  • Diver Unit Carnegie

Dractor’s Armaments

Dractor’s armaments are machines made with a scientific strength that goes beyond that of humans by several hundreds of years. They attack the Shelter in large numbers.

Their units include:

  • Grit Attack-Type
  • Grit Humanoid
  • Grit Air-Type
  • Grit Fused-Type – The form of several dozens of Grit, which were destroyed by Megaton Musashi, that immediately reconstructed and combined. Its massive size is no comparison to the size of humanity’s robots.

■ World

Doughnut Earth

The setting of the story is “Doughnut Earth,” where 90 percent of the population has died. There is something that looks like a core in its center.

Within the Shelter built on the ruined earth, people spend their daily lives as if nothing had happened. At first glance, the high school that the protagonists attend and the town in which they live look to be nothing out of the ordinary, but…

The earth was invaded by the alien power known as Dractor, and has been destroyed to the point where it is painful to look at.