Limited Run Games Teases Golf Story Physical Release

Limited Run Games Teases Golf Story Physical Release

Earlier this month, Limited Run Games announced that they’ve finally become an official Nintendo publisher, giving them the rights to release physical retail games on Nintendo Switch.

The company has kept their cards close as to what titles they’re planning to release physical copies for first. However we may have a clue at what their first title could be thanks to an interview conducted by The Switch Effect.

With all the digital games that have been released and announced for the Switch, what are your top three you would love to bring to cartridge?

I would like to see Thimble Weed Park, Golf Story, and Fast RMX.

My final question is if you could give us a hint as to what your first Nintendo Switch title will be in 2018?

I can’t really give any hints, but I can tell you we thought our first title would just be a pipe dream, but instead it’s a hole in one.

Let’s hope this comes true!