Little Dragon Cafe Will Be More Personal, More Human Than Other Wada Games

Little Dragon Cafe Will Be More Personal, More Human Than Other Wada Games

Harvest Moon’s creator, Yasuhiro Wada, is hard at work on his game upcoming simulation game, Little Dragons Cafe. However, Wada is not just content with making just another simulation game, Little Dragons Cafe is more ambitious, more human, more personal than any game he has created.

Speaking to USGamer, Wada said that the game puts its story at its forefront, putting human relationships, allowing players to relate with the strength and weaknesses of the characters.

It’s a strange set-up, but it’s central to what makes Little Dragons Cafe stand apart from Wada’s other well-known games. It puts story first, systems second. And for Wada, it’s a more personal game than he’s helmed in the past. “It’s about human relationships, relationships in general. It’s about the characters, like a heart to heart connection and trust, and one of the big characteristics of the characters is everybody has sort of a weakness,” Wada says. “So even players probably have very similar issues or problems that they can associate with the characters in game. All the characters you see with issues and weaknesses and problems are basically a part of me. So rather than be sad or upset or disappointed with your own weaknesses, [as] that would be for me, it’s a matter of how to overcome that.”

The game will release later next month on 24 August 2018.

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