Machi Knights -Blood Bagos- Coming To The West May 9 For Switch

Machi Knights -Blood Bagos- Coming To The West May 9 For Switch

A few months after it launched in Japan, Developer CFK has announced that Machi Knights -Blood Bagos- will be officially coming to the West this May.

Pre-orders for the North American and European release of the steampunk action RPG will start on May 2, with the game itself launching on the Switch eshop on May 9.

Check out the Official English Launch Trailer below:

– Develop your character to destroy the enemy in this cool action experience!
– The game will be available for pre-order starting May 2, and it will launch on Nintendo eShop on May 9!

Console game publisher CFK and Korean developer toOrock are excited to announce that stylish action RPG “Machi Knights: Blood Bagos” will launch on Nintendo eShop this May.

“Machi Knights: Blood Bagos” is an ambitious action RPG that tells the story of a battle to stop the revival of a massive, deadly weapon known as Bagos, which is responsible for the destruction of an ancient kingdom known as Babilaka.

The game features a captivating world and gorgeous steampunk visuals built using the Unreal Engine. Players will choose from three Machi Knights, each with their own distinct traits, and use them to destroy hordes of enemies and overwhelming bosses that will appear in each stage.

Each Machi Knight will take on foes using a variety of attacks and abilities which are determined by the weapons you decide to equip. You’ll have to train your pilots, collect weapons, and craft better gear in order to take down your strongest enemies, and you can bring in a friend for local co-op play to get the job done.

“Machi Knights: Blood Bagos” is currently available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop, and after pre-orders begin on May 2, it will be officially released in North America and Europe on May 9.

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