Maglam Lord Receives New Details On Marriage System And Various Characters

Maglam Lord Receives New Details On Marriage System And Various Characters

Hungry for more information about Felistella’s new RPG Maglam Lord? Here are further details about the game’s romancing system and more!

Thanks to 4Gamer, we now have more details about the game’s marriage system and some more character profiles. You can check them out in detail below (translations courtesy of Siliconera):

Marriage System

  • Both heroes and demon lords are classified by the government as endangered species.
  • As a demon lord, the player needs to find a potential partner by increasing bonds with other characters.
    • Each love interest will have a likability factor to manage.
    • Players can increase this rank by battling together, selecting the right responses to their questions, and giving characters their favorite items.
  • The demon lord has a hunger for souls. In order to suppress that hunger, they need to find a romantic companion.
  • Satius and Marriage Guru G.G (one of the newly revealed characters) will assist the player in the Maglam Lord Marriage Dojo.
  • If their rank is high enough, players can invite their love interests on dates to a bowling alley or a hot spring.

Character Profiles

Morv (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)

A mysterious, mechanical puppet created with a hybrid of science and magic. He can’t recall his memories very well because he’s been in sleep mode for so long.

Julette (CV: Misaki Watada)

A government-recognized “adventure idol” who has her own variety show. She’s a forgetful beast-human half-breed who gets carried away easily.

Aqlao (CV: Kenji Nojima)

A man who laughs in the face of deceit, known only by a select few. A saint who comes and goes as he pleases, he speaks eloquently and grants others’ wishes without the need for compensation.

Lyrica (CV: Nanami Yamashita)

A kind girl with a strong affection for the player. She’s the demon lord’s first human friend after their reawakening.

Maglam Lord will be launching in Japan this Winter. We’ll report back as we hear more in the future!