Make Massive Multiplayer Mayhem In Morphies Law On July 30th

Make Massive Multiplayer Mayhem In Morphies Law On July 30th

Independent developer Cosmoscope has announced that its wacky, mass-based, multiplayer third-person shooter Morphies Law will launch on Steam on July 30, 2019 and with a brand new remorphed Nintendo Switch version at the same time.

The title will feature crossplay between both platforms allowing owners of either version to go head-to-head against each other in chaotic battles where size matters more than kill count.

Morphies Law is centered around a simple rule: hit somebody and you grow, get hit and you shrink. Your mass-stealing morphing robot, your Morphie, has limbs that grow or shrink individually based on taking or giving hits. The size of your body parts don’t only affect how easy it is to hit you, but also your abilities like movement and special skills called Plugins.

Every map has its own mechanic that also interacts with the mass of your character, giving even more depth to this integral system. Custom weapons, skins, and loadouts add even more to create an incredibly deep, singular experience centered around stealing mass.

There was also an additional message in this announcement about the state of the game on Switch.

“…If you have tried Morphies Law on the switch last year, then I share your frustration. So much potential in this very unique multiplayer shooter experience, but plagued with flaws.

Developers Cosmoscope have turned it around and 12 months later they are coming back with a Remorphed version cleared of all of the issues and with a simultaneous Steam release to put a cherry on top of that Ice Cream…”


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