Make Rockman Receives New Details Following Pre-orders Opening In Japan

Make Rockman Receives New Details Following Pre-orders Opening In Japan

Pre-orders for Artec’s Make Rockman programming kit have gone live in Japan, bringing a few more details about the title.

The revealed details include a breakdown of the kit’s technical specifications, what programming language it uses, as well as where the assets for the game can be downloaded.

You can check out a summary below (via Siliconera), along with an extended trailer:

  • The Mega Buster-shaped controller is based on ArtecRobo 2.0, a robot programming kit with customizable parts and attachable blocks.
    • Its circuit board has a variety of sensors, such as an accelerometer, magnetic compass, and gyrosensor.
    • Can be connected to PCs with a USB cable or Bluetooth, and can communicate with other ArtecRobo 2.0 units through Wi-Fi.
  • The programming language used in the kit is Scratch 3.0, which has a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The code can also be converted into Python.
  • Software will include a paint tool to change Mega Man’s colors
  • Assets needed to program a Mega Man game will be available to download for free on a specific website for educational purposes.
    • Contains 280 images, 15 BGMs, and 25 sound effects.
    • Includes two mini-games featuring Proto Man and Dr. Wily; the latter being a two-player game.
  • The Mega Buster controller can be re-assembled into Proto Man’s shield-and-buster or Dr. Wily’s joystick to play their respective mini-games.

Make Rockman is scheduled to be released exclusively in Japan via limited pre-order. Those who pre-order the kit will receive it by Novemeber 2020, and it will be released for the general public at a later date.

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