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Many PS4 Owners Are Begging Nintendo To Port Pokemon Sword And Shield To PS4

After Pokemon Sword and Shield were revealed exclusively for Nintendo Switch earlier this week, many Japanese PS4 owners took to Twitter expressing their desire to see the Pokemon games ported to PS4.

In many of these tweets, the Japanese PS4 owners said they would “instantly buy the game” if it comes on PS4, and some even said they will never buy a Switch just to play the games. This isn’t the first time PS4 owners have begged for a Switch exclusive – we saw that happen with Octopath Traveler last year.

Pokemon fans living in Japan were astounded by the amount of PS4 owners asking for Pokemon Sword and Shield to be ported to PS4, so it shows Game Freak must be doing something right.

We leave you with some of the tweets below, as translated by us:

“So Pokemon (Sword and Shield) are only on Switch.. I want them to bring it to PS4.”

“Ahhhhhh! There’s a new Pokemon game on Switch!!! Please bring it to PS4 too!!!”

“If Pokemon (Sword and Shield) arrives on PS4 I’ll definitely buy it!”

“There’s never going to be Pokemon on PS4 huh…”

“Please bring the new Pokemon game to PS4”

“It’s troublesome for me to buy a Switch just to play the new Pokemon game. Please bring it to PS4.”

“So it seems the Switch is getting another new Pokemon game.

Slowly but surely the PS4 would get Pokemon and Smash too?

Should I buy a Switch just to play Pokemon?

Ah, I could play Fortnite (there) too..?”

Perhaps the easiest solution for these people is to… buy a Switch. Pokemon will never come to a PlayStation console.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.



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