Mario Tennis Aces Tournament Kicks Off In The UK

Mario Tennis Aces Tournament Kicks Off In The UK

Nintendo UK has kicked off the brand new online tournament for Mario Tennis Aces in UK. The tournament will run from now until 1 November 2018. This comes on top of the new update for Mario Tennis Aces that will bring tournament mode, as well as , other new characters to the Switch game. So see you in the courts.

Grab your racket and get warmed up – a brand new online tournament* is now underway in Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch! If you take part, you’ll get to play as a brand new character – the all-rounded Birdo – early!

The tournament is happening right now, and runs until 00:00 (UK time) on November 1st. Think you’ve got what it takes to become a tennis ace? Then see you on the court!

A new update has arrived!

Oh, by the way, did you see all this from the latest update? Loads of cool new stuff has been added to Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch as part of the new ver.2 update, including extra characters and even new ways to play. Read on to see what’s new!

New characters are on the way!

From October, Birdo, Shy Guy, Koopa Paratroopa and Petey Piranha will gradually join the court as playable characters – you can unlock them by taking part in online tournaments! Stay tuned, as we’ll continue to add more of your Super Mario favourites until June next year!

Co-op Challenge

A new mode called Co-op Challenge is now available, containing limited-time online team-based events. Share the court online with friends or others around the world and complete specific objectives to receive special outfits, alternate colour schemes and more!

The first mission is already underway, so grab your racket and get swinging!

Face-to-face Swing Mode matches

You can now enjoy local multiplayer** Swing Mode matches in tabletop mode! Bring two Nintendo Switch consoles together, stand face-to-face with your opponent, and play a game of tennis in traditional fashion!

Voice chat support

Nintendo Switch Online members can now use voice chat in any of Mario Tennis Aces’ online modes with the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app***! Express yourself with friends when going head-to-head, or talk tactics when taking on those pesky co-op missions!

A new island in Adventure mode

Once you clear Adventure mode, a new island will appear! Rumour has it that there are several challenging missions available, and clearing them all will gain you a handsome reward!

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