Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Moveset Details For Iron Man, Captain Marvel, And More Revealed

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Moveset Details For Iron Man, Captain Marvel, And More Revealed

More details from Gameinformer’s special coverage of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has surfaced online, this time providing an in-depth look into the playstyles of five of its featured heroes.

Thanks to Gonintendo, we now have detailed information about the unique moves, attributes and abilities of Captain Marvel, Miles Morales, Hawkeye, Ms Marvel and Iron Man.  This is of course barely a fraction of the game’s massive roster, and we look forward to even more juicy details in the coming weeks.

Check it all out below:

Captain Marvel

– all-rounder play style
– can deliver big single hits
– good for knocking down the stagger gauge on opponents
– her Photon Punch rushes her towards an enemy with a charged attach
– she also has an AoE Cosmic Burst
– Blast Off hits a single target with an uppercut
– Cosmic Beam provides a sustained burst of photon energy
– Captain Marvel can fly to stay out of danger
– after extreme attacks, she will glow brightly

Miles Morales

– mid-range distance fighter
– focuses on projectile and paralyzing shock attacks
– Web Shooter binds up enemies
– Surprise Strike makes Miles invisible so he can rush in with an electricity attack
– High Voltage Lines uses electrified webs
– Venom Strike hits all nearby enemies with a sphere of shocking energy
– you can web-sling through levels


– balanced and flexible ranged expert
– Piercing Shot fires arrows in the direction you’re facing
– Scattershot shoots multiple arrows that explode as Hawkeye backflips away
– Exploding Arrows will rain down arrows with fire damage
– Shock Value is an assault of electric shafts

Ms. Marvel

– close to mid-range attacks that focus on area of effect damage
– uses shapeshifting abilities to grow various body parts
– Embiggen enlarges her fists into massive wrecking balls
– Sweet Combo Attack is a bunch of punches that finishes with an uppercut
– Super Face Kick is a lunging kick with a supersized foot
– Giant Foot Spinny Thing is a spinning kick

Iron Man

– perform quips using the game’s emote system
– Unibeam hits enemies with a sustained blast
– Repulsor Array fires Tony’s red laser spin seen in the films
– Thruster Charge will zoom Tony into the action
– Missile Barrage is a massive area attack
– Tony can run and fly to get around

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order launches July 19th as a Switch-exclusive.

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