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Mary Skelter Finale Limited Edition Soundtrack Preview Released

Wondering what tunes you’ll be exploring and fighting to in Mary Skelter Finale? Give your ears a small taste today!

Compile Heart has released a new video that previews short snippets of all 78 songs contained in the game;s 3-disc soundtrack – which will be  included in the game’s Limited Edition bundle. Here’s the preview below, along with the full track list of songs in the soundtrack (courtesy of Gematsu):

Disc 1

  1. “Beginnings”
  2. “Labyrinth”
  3. “Bohyou no Tame no Komiriuta”
  4. “Distorted Reality”
  5. “Otogi Sekai”
  6. “Kyoumenkai”
  7. “Children’s Night”
  8. “Nemureru Koori no Machi”
  9. “Soko Koko ni Soko”
  10. “Drive of Speeding”
  11. “Soldier of the Wind”
  12. “Soushu Yousei no Mai”
  13. “Jiyuu he no Shoudou”
  14. “Encounter”
  15. “Metallic Bow Fight”
  16. “Seigi wo Kazasu Kamigami no Utage”
  17. “Dead Zone”
  18. “Swirling Mist”
  19. “SKIP”
  20. “HYPELINE”
  21. “Sad Rain”
  22. “Skelter”
  23. “Seishin no Jiyuu”
  24. “Prisoner”
  25. “Catharsis”
  26. “Catharsis -High Speed Remix-“

Disc 2

  1. “Inception”
  2. “Labyrinth -Spectacle Ver.-“
  3. “Soko Koko ni Soko -Agezoko Ver.-“
  4. “Underwater”
  5. “Children’s Night -Spreaded Ver.-“
  6. “Kyoumenkai -Floating Ver.-“
  7. “Otogi Sekai -Industrial Ver.-“
  8. “Chaos of Montparnasse”
  9. “Distorted Reality -Heaviness Ver.-“
  10. “Nemureru Koori no Machi -Extended Ver.-“
  11. “Bohyou no Tame no Komiriuta -Emotional Ver.-“
  12. “Tower in the Mist”
  13. “Shougon Taru Sekai”
  14. “Purple Fight”
  15. “Utsukushiki Senshi-tachi”
  16. “Hero of Prisoners”
  17. “Shissou”
  18. “Quantum Mechanics”
  19. “Rave of Nightmare”
  20. “One More Red Nightmare”
  21. “Bloodstained Soldiers”
  22. “Ningyo”
  23. “Kyokkou”
  24. “Catastrophe”
  25. “Conversation for Girls”
  26. “Tears of Heaven”
  27. “Tales of Hameln”
  28. “Tabidachi no Toki”
  29. “Green Butterfly”
  30. “Sweet Dreams”

Disc 3

  1. “Wondrous Stories”
  2. “Chain Reverberation”
  3. “The Guillotine”
  4. “EisenFraulein”
  5. “Dantoudai he no Koushin”
  6. “Hangman’s Arm”
  7. “Danger Line”
  8. “Shippuu Jinrai”
  9. “Slashing”
  10. “Ice Edge”
  11. “Koukinaru Tatakai no Mai”
  12. “Bowing Hero”
  13. “Brave Men Road”
  14. “Enigmatic Motion”
  15. “Glitter”
  16. “Untouchable Grooving”
  17. “Light of Strength”
  18. “Herculean”
  19. “SKIP -Starchime Ver.-“
  20. “Dead Zone -Mystic Ver.-“
  21. “Talk to You Later”
  22. “Imaginator”

Mary Skelter Finale hits Nintendo Switch on 8 October 2020 in Japan. Presently, there are no plans to localize the game for the west.

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