Mega Man 11 Developers Shed Some Light On Their Favourite Mega Man Game

Mega Man 11 Developers Shed Some Light On Their Favourite Mega Man Game

Mega Man 11 is due for the Nintendo Switch next year in 2018, but before 2017 gives way to 2018, GameInformer asked the Mega Man 11 team on what is their favourite Mega Man game.

Starting off with Mega Man 11’s Director, Koji Oda, Oda said that his favourite Mega Man game was the original Mega Man due to the number of surprises the original game brought.

I’d have to say Mega Man 1, because when I first tried it out there were a lot of things to be surprised about. The fact that you were able to choose which stage you wanted to try out first was great, and I loved all the different weapons that you get. But despite all the different weapons, the core gameplay was still intact. I felt like, every time you played it, you could discover something new. On top of that, you got a sense that you kept getting better the more you played. I thought that was really cool.”

However, Producer, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, had some different views. Tsuchiya prefers Mega Man 7 having been actively involved in the game’s production.

“It’s a difficult question to answer, but if I had to pick one game it would be Mega Man 7, and the reason is because I was part of R&D. I was a programmer at the time, and I worked on all of the weapon bosses and some of the gimmicks [one-off sequences] from the stages, as well as all the programming for the character Bass.”

A couple of other team members have also been asked what is their favourite Mega Man game, like Art director Yuji Ishihara, his favourite game was Mega Man Battle Net, while Audio director Ryo Yoshii’s personal favourite was Mega Man 2. You can read more about why they like their respective chosen games here. What is your personal favourite Mega Man game, let us know in the comments.