Metal Slug: The Ultimate History Announced By BitMap Books, Pre-Orders Open July 2019

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History Announced By BitMap Books, Pre-Orders Open July 2019

Metal Slug series fans are going to want to keep this one on their radar.

Bitmap Books has revealed that they will be publishing Metal Slug: The Ultimate History. The new book will contain 11 interviews from various developers – as well as artwork and assets from the games. Pre-orders will be opening in July 2019, with the actual book expected to ship sometime in September.

Check out some previews below, along with the press release by Bitmap Books.

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Bitmap Books is incredibly proud to announce Metal Slug: The Ultimate History, the first officially-licenced book to document the lineage of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.

An instant classic upon its debut in 1996, the original Metal Slug laid the foundations for an action-packed series which would become globally renowned for its tight gameplay, gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and playful sense of humour. Metal Slug has effortlessly retained these core attributes across multiple sequels and spin-offs in the years since, and this publication – the first officially-licenced and fully-endorsed book of its kind, ever – aims to not only illuminate the rich history of the franchise via hundreds of screenshots and a comprehensive written account of its often mysterious history, but also seeks to celebrate the iconic artwork which has made millions of players fall in love with the antics of the plucky Peregrine Falcon Squad.

To help achieve this goal, SNK has offered unprecedented access to its vast archives of concept artwork and illustrations, some of which is being made publically available for the first time. The book also contains 11 exclusive and incredibly detailed interviews with key members of the development team such as Kazuma Kujo and Toshikazu Tanaka. These insightful discussions bust myths and reveal the real truth behind the creation and evolution of this esteemed franchise.

Thanks to SNK and the talented team behind this classic ‘run-and-gun’ series, Metal Slug: The Ultimate History will offer the most complete insight yet into one of gaming’s most appealing and beloved series.

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History will be available to pre-order in July with delivery planned for September 2019. More details to follow soon.