Microsoft Keen To Bring Game Pass To Any Device That Gamers Want To Play On

Microsoft Keen To Bring Game Pass To Any Device That Gamers Want To Play On

With the recent hubbub made by rumors of a potential Microsoft-Nintendo partnership, Phil Spencer, Xbox Head, opened up regarding their plans on bringing cross-device play via the Game Pass subscription service.

Microsoft now expresses their intent to push their software on multiple gaming platforms including the Switch. On a recent interview with GeekWire, Phil Spencer, Head of Gaming at Microsoft, remarked the following with regards to the Game Pass subscription service:

“We want to bring Game Pass to any device that somebody wants to play on. Not just because it’s our business, but really because the business model allows for people to consume and find games that they wouldn’t have played in any other space.”

Just weeks ago, we reported on Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest which are rumored coming to Nintendo Switch. Now, it’s looking increasingly likely that both games and, possibly, more are coming for the hybrid device.

Also, with regards to competition, other game streaming services are likely to compete with the Game Pass now that Apple, Amazon, and Google were reportedly working on the same. Spencer, however, shared it takes time to break into the industry and form relationships with publishers.

“This team has been in the video game business for some of them three decades. And we’ve been building games for many years. “We’ve been partners to the video game companies for years and years. For many of our publishing partners, we’re one of their top global retail partners in them selling games. Video games is not a business that you come into quickly, and there is a form to building games. There are relationships that are built.”

Was Spencer talking about a relationship with Nintendo? Hopefully, we learn more about them soon.