MindSeize Launches September 2020 For Nintendo Switch

MindSeize Launches September 2020 For Nintendo Switch

First Press Games and Kamina Dimension have announced details for the Nintendo Switch port of upcoming Metroivania MindSeize.

MindSeize is expected to launch digitally in September 2020 for Nintendo Switch. With the PC version now complete, development has kicked off for the Switch port. The Switch version will also support Japanese, and a physical release will be announced later in 2020.

Trailer and details:

With the PC version development concluding, Kamina Dimension can put their full attention to the planned Nintendo Switch port of the game.

First Press Games will publish the Nintendo Switch version of MindSeize worldwide, aiming for an eShop release in September 2020.

Along with the English default language option, the Nintendo Switch release will also get localized to Japanese to reach a wider audience in Japan. More language options are currenly under consideration.

A physical release for Nintendo Switch is planned as well and will have a separate announcement in more detail later this year.