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Nintendo Switch | NintendoSoup
Ministry of Broadcast’s Special Collector’s Edition Now Available for Nintendo Switch

Ministry of Broadcast’s Special Collector’s Edition Now Available for Nintendo Switch

After being delayed earlier this year, the Ministry of Broadcast physical edition is now available!

PM Studios is excited to announce that the pixel art platformer, Ministry of Broadcast, released physically on the Nintendo Switch October 6th, 2020. Pre-orders are now open with the special incentive of a delightful SteelBook case to carry your game in, or you can put it on display in your home or maybe even your office.

Available at the retailers below, there are only 5,000 copies available to own this limited edition first run Ministry of Broadcast!

Ministry of Broadcast‘s limited physical edition is available on Nintendo Switch for $39.99 starting today. This narrative driven platformer has you perform on a television show to win the freedom of you and your family. This game is packed with challenge, jokes, and quite enough sarcasm. You won’t want to miss it.

Team Critical Hit PR