Monolith Soft’s Honne Shares A Memory Of Satoru Iwata

Monolith Soft’s Honne Shares A Memory Of Satoru Iwata

Yasuyuki Honne, a director and producer now working at Monolith Soft, shared a moment he had with late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Hobbonichi’s Shigesato Itoi.

Honne talked about the memorable times he had with both individuals when he was still working at Namco. NintendoSoup has translated his comments:

“Looking forward to the Iwata-san book. I met both Iwata-san and Itoi-san in 2003 when Namco and Nintendo were considering to make a GameCube version for Mother (Earthbound). I created a mockup which was showed to Iwata-san. I felt Ito-san wasn’t interested, and suspected so as the conversation continued…”

“Then Itoi-san said, ‘In any case, perhaps Iwata-kun should come up with the story?’ Everyone in the room gasped. Iwata looked shocked. In the end the conversation drifted, but Itoi-san amused himself with the idea of the ‘felt taste’ that resembled America in the 80s. So this is the picture that I thought would never see the day of light again. My memories of Summer 2003.”

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