Monster Hunter Rise Will Not Include Voice Chat, Other New Details Shared

Monster Hunter Rise Will Not Include Voice Chat, Other New Details Shared

Following the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise, numerous interviews with the developers have been published online, revealing more details about the game.

One of these interviews was held with IGN, who sat down with Director Yasunori Ichinose and Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto to learn more about the game. A number of interesting tidbits were shared, but the most significant of them was that the game would not include voice chat.

Although they could not elaborate much, Ichinose and Tsujimoto confirmed that voice chat would not be available on the console or via the Nintendo Switch online app. Instead, the game will only include the premade gestures and stickers similar to what is used in Monster Hunter World. As such, players interested in using voice chat while playing will have to use third party means such as Discord.

The interview also revealed a few other interesting details about the game, such as the presence of skippable cutscenes and the return of quest separation. You can read a summary below:

  • Naming Convention – According to Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, the no-number naming convention for Monster Hunter games will be the norm going forward. “We decided that it would be better for the players to understand… what the game is about,” Tsujimoto told IGN. “If we give the game a title that reflects what it’s about rather than just a number. …We will be doing this in the future as well.”
  • Quest Separation Makes a Return – In Monster Hunter: World, there was a single set of key quests playable in either single-player or multiplayer. But in earlier Monster Hunter games, those different sets of quests were separated into the Gathering Hub for multiplayer and Village Quests for single-player. Monster Hunter Rise brings back that separation of quests, but single-player progression will not affect your ability to play multiplayer quests and vice-versa.
  • Skippable Cutscenes – Cutscenes can be skipped and will no longer prevent you from joining multiplayer quests like they did in Monster Hunter: World. You can also re-watch cutscenes.
  • Freedom of Movement – You can climb and move freely in Monster Hunter Rise. According to director Yasunori Ichinose and Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, they have wanted to create a Monster Hunter with more freedom of movement since the release of Monster Hunter: Generations in 2015.
  • Wirebugs – Unlike Monster Hunter: Generations‘ Hunter Arts, which were more akin to special attacks with occasional use and a cooldown period, Monster Hunter Rise‘s wirebug attacks can be actively used in combat to form new combos. While these attacks cannot be customized, there are other new elements regarding actions that will be announced in the future. Also, Armor Skills will not have any effect on the wirebug.
  • New Icon Designs – Capcom is making alterations to existing Monster Hunter series icons to suit the smaller screen of Switch as necessary.
  • No Voice Chat – Monster Hunter Rise will not feature built-in voice chat or support the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. Its only forms of player communication are messages, stickers, and gestures.
  • No Prowler Mode – The Prowler Mode from Monster Hunter: Generations, which allows you to play as your Felyne Palico, will not return in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on March 26 2021 for Switch.

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