More Details For Yo-Kai Watch 4 Revealed In Corocoro

More Details For Yo-Kai Watch 4 Revealed In Corocoro

With the game’s release just around the corner, Corocoro has published what may be their last pre-release feature on Yo-Kai Watch 4.

This round of details reveals more about the game’s six playable characters (Watchers) as well as some additional tidbits on Crank-A-Kai and “Konkatsu” energy.

Check it all out below:

Character Details
– There’s a skill tree for each Watcher (characters with a Yo-kai Watch)
– This allows you to make them stronger, have them learn new skills, and more

Keita / Nate

– Weapon: Pico Pico Hammer
– Special Move: “Minna Henge Attack”. Converts energy collected in order to increase the attack power of allied Yo-kai


– Weapon: Hamisen
– Special Move: “Minna Henge Healing”. Converts energy collected in order to heal allied Yo-kai


– Weapon: Naginata
– Special Move: “Minna Henge Guard”. Converts energy collected in order to increase the defense of allied Yo-kai


– Weapon: Sword
– Special Move: “Hyoui Shoukan”. Transforms into Fudou Myouou, Genbu, Ashura, Byakko.


– Weapon: Morning Star
– Special Move: “Genjuu Shoukan”. Summons Suzaku, Kirin, Genbu, and Byakko, and allows you to use their techniques.


– Weapon: Bat
– Special Move: “Minna Genki”: revives all fallen teammates, and give them a stats boost.


– Yo-Kai Watch 4 has several different Crank-a-Kai, and they can be found in each of the 4 worlds of the game
– These allow you to summon various Yo-kai (including rare ones)
– Once you’ve found one, you will be able to access it directly from a place called “Crank-a-Land” in Japanese


– During battle, you can get special energy from enemy Yo-kai that you can then use to befriend specific Yo-kai
– You can also use that energy to strengthen Yo-kai you already have, and create/strengthen equipment

Yo-Kai Watch 4 is scheduled to launch on June 6 in Japan for Nintendo Switch.