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Raise A Storm Over Unskippable Ads In The Game | NintendoSoup
NBA 2K19 Customers Raise A Storm Over Unskippable Ads In The Game

NBA 2K19 Customers Raise A Storm Over Unskippable Ads In The Game

Recently, NBA 2K19 went on sale for just $3 on the Nintendo Switch eShop. For many sports fans, this was quite a steal…until they actually started playing the game.

As it turns out, the game now has unskippable ads while it loads up matches, which made many new and existing customers feel deceived by the deal. Many of them are now venting their frustrations on social media, with some equating the ads as a mobile-style tactic that should only exist in free-to-play mobile games – not a premium title that normally costs $60.

Fortunately, it’s not a lost cause for folks who bought the game. These advertisements actually popped up back in January 2019, and fans then quickly discovered that they could deactivate the annoying feature.

Namely, you should go to “Settings” and set “Watch 2KTV while loading” to off.

Overall, however, this still feels like a pretty underhand thing for the game’s developers and publisher to employ. Let’s hope customers continue to keep the heat on, so that the series will improve for the better next year.