Nekopara Vol.4 Will Launch Spring 2020, Platforms Still Not Confirmed

Nekopara Vol.4 Will Launch Spring 2020, Platforms Still Not Confirmed

Neko Works has revealed some new details about the upcoming Nekopara Vol.4, including its estimated release timing.

As announced on their official Twitter, Nekopara Vol.4 The Cat & Noel the Patissier is being targeted for a Spring 2020 launch date, although platforms do not appear to have been confirmed. The team also shared a new key visual and details about the game’s story and new characters.

Check it all out below, courtesy of Siliconera.

In Vol. 4, we’ll see Kashou and La Soleil doing well for themselves, yet still unable to gain the approval of Kashou’s father. Shigure suggests an onsen trip for a change of pace, and after getting encouragement from Azuki and Coconuts, Kashou decides to try once more. This time, he flies to France in order to seek his teacher’s wisdom, and meets new catgirls there as well. The story of cats and family bonds is about to continue.

Beignet: Kashou’s teacher, who taught him all he knows about sweets-making.

Fraise: A cat that Beignet takes care of.

Milk: Did she grow up a lot in just half a year?

Awayuki: Kashou’s mother.

Suhama: Kashou’s father.

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Fraise is a very kind neko who treats everyone sincerely. She’s very capable with her work. Since Fraise rarely talked to other nekos when she was young, she grew up to be a bit shy and humble by nature.

Since the previous three volumes in the Nekopara series have all been released on Switch, we can probably expect Volume 4 to launch for the console as well. We will be sure to bring official confirmation if or when it comes.

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