NES Inspired Hoodie to Let You Dress in Power

NES Inspired Hoodie to Let You Dress in Power

Video game merchandise maker, Merchoid, has unveiled a very cool NES inspired hoodie. For people who belonged in the good old days, the design takes heavy cues from the North American NES and is officially licensed by Nintendo.

Zip up, plug in and play. Revisit childhood memories with the Nintendo: NES Classic Hoodie. Utilising the original colour pallet of the entertainment system, this slick greytone hoodie is ideal for those looking to show off their gaming pedigree.

Side scrolling through an 8-bit universe with only two options A or B, precision and skill were what was required to be a NES gaming champion. Featuring clean lines, body panelling, two front pockets and NES button detailing on the front, its elegant design will ensure it becomes an instant classic. Boost your wardrobe and 1-Up your style with one simple click. Player 1, press buy now.

The hoodie is now up for preorder now and will ship September 2017, you can visit the preorder site here.

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