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f, 51y, m, x71, New Artwork Revealed For Splatoon 2's Returning Chicken VS Egg Splatfest | NintendoSoup
New Artwork Revealed For Splatoon 2’s Returning Chicken VS Egg Splatfest

New Artwork Revealed For Splatoon 2’s Returning Chicken VS Egg Splatfest

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed that Splatoon 2 would getting more Splatfest events once more – starting with the return of its “Chicken VS Egg” theme. Well, it looks like Pearl and Marina are also ready to dive back into the philosophical battle too!

Nintendo has revealed new official artwork for the event, which sees both Pearl and Marina donning white and orange respectively again. This time, however, they appear to be caught in an infinite loop of sorts – with chickens hatching eggs that hatch into chickens, and so on…

This returning Splatfest will kick off worldwide for 48 hours, at the following times this weekend:

  • North America: 21 August 2020 (Friday, 3 pm PT)
  • Europe: 21 August 2020 (Friday, 11 pm BST)
  • Japan: 22 August 2020 (Saturday 7am JST)

Which side of the philosophical debate will you be supporting? Feel free to share below!