[UPDATE] New Characters Revealed For New Pokemon Anime Series

[UPDATE] New Characters Revealed For New Pokemon Anime Series

The Pokemon Company has released a new batch of information about the upcoming new “Pocket Monsters” anime series that will begin airing later this year.

To start off, two new characters for the new anime were revealed. The first is Professor Sakuragi, who runs the Sakuragi Research Institute in Kanto’s Vermillion City, which will also serve as the home base of Ash and Gou during the series. The second new character is Professor Sakuragi’s daughter Koharu, who is also Gou’s childhood friend. Koharu’s partner Pokemon is Yamper.

The Pokemon Company also released some key art for the Sakuragi Research Institute and what is presumably Ash and Gou’s room. Check it all out below:

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The new anime “Pocket Monsters” will begin on November 17th 2019.

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UPDATE: More images from the new anime have surfaced online. They have been added to the gallery above. It has also been confirmed that Professor Sakuragi will be voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, while Koharu will be voiced by Kana Hanazawa. You can read some of their comments about their roles here.