New Details About DC Universe Online Switch Port Revealed At E3

New Details About DC Universe Online Switch Port Revealed At E3

Down at E3, members of the press got a chance to try out DC Universe Online for the Nintendo Switch.

The free-to-play superhero MMO was announced for Switch a couple of weeks ago, slated for release sometime in Summer 2019 as a free eshop download. Now, thanks to Destructoid, we now know a bit more about how DC Universe Online runs on Switch fresh off their experience with the E3 Demo.

Check out the key highlights below:

– Hold ZL or ZR to access two different shortcut menus
– The biggest challenge for the team was getting Aquaman’s Atlantis running
– No framerate dips, hiccups, or lag were noticed during gameplay
– The HUD’s mini-map now features quest markers with indicators for height in the environment
– Lay down your own blips to guide you, though your companions won’t see those
– Chat can be managed with quick, pre-determined responses via the Switch’s keyboard
– The keyboard does function with touchscreen in portable play
– There’s a radial menu for accessing all of the various sub-menus
– Cross-play isn’t included due to balancing this new version and preventing veterans from steamrolling the game at launch
– 800p docked and 612p in handheld
– The devs recommend that Switch players get an SD card, but a final file size hasn’t been revealed yet
– No physical version will be produced

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