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[UPDATE] New Details Revealed From The First Two Hours Of Pokemon Sword And Shield

[UPDATE] New Details Revealed From The First Two Hours Of Pokemon Sword And Shield

With release less than a month away, many gaming new outlets have begun posting their impressions of the first few hours of Pokemon Sword And Shield, presumably from special gameplay previews.

Among the outlets that got to play the game were IGN and Eurogamer, who uploaded their own videos/articles about their impressions. Notably, these impressions contain a few details that haven’t been revealed through The Pokemon Company, such as auras for “Stronger” wild Pokemon as well as some story beats.

Check out IGN‘s video below, along with details sourced from Eurogamer’s article and other outlets:

  • Players receive their Starter from Leon
    • Players will be allowed to save before picking your starter
    • After the player and Hop pick their starters, Leon will retrieve the remaining one
  • In your first rival battle with Hop, he will have two Pokemon: His Starter and Wooloo
    • Trainer models are more expressive in battle
  • Some outlets report that you can skip the catching tutorial
  • Pokemon Center contains the Name Rater and Move Deleter
  • The Wild Area will have a mix of overworld encounters and wild encounters
    • It is possible to accidentally wander into parts of the Wild Area you are not meant to go, and encounter much higher levelled Pokemon
    • Pokemon will have colored auras indicated that they are stronger (e.g. have better IVs)
      • A yellow aura indicates a “strong Pokemon”
      • These strong Pokemon may have Egg Moves
  • In the Wild Area, special currency called “Watts” can be earned, which can be used to buy various items
    • Items are bought from merchants in the area
    • Some items are exclusive to the Wild Area
  • The Map will have objective markers to show you where to go next
    • Town and route names for earlygame: Wedgehurst, Slumbering Weald, Motostoke
  • There is apparently a “large suite” of new Pokemon which have not been revealed yet
  • Game can be played using the Switch Pro Controller

Pokemon Sword And Shield launch on November 15th 2019 for Switch.

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[UPDATE]: Added more details from Gameinformer and Gamespot