New Details About Super Nintendo World Orlando

New Details About Super Nintendo World Orlando

Everyone is definitely excited about Super Nintendo World. Although the park is not due to open until at least three years from now, today we got a few more new details about the park in Universal Studios Orlando.

In a report by WFTV Orlando, building permits for 8.8 acres of land have been approved at Universal Studios Orlando for Super Nintendo World’s use, of which a majority of 4.7 acres will be reserved for Donkey Kong land, and 1.76 acres for Mario Kart. It is unknown at this point what the rest of the land will be used for.

As WFTV Assignment Desk Editor Chip S. points out, the park may be open before Walt Disney World celebrates its 50th anniversary, avoiding competition with the park’s fiercest competition.

Universal Studios also has plans to increase the scale of Super Nintendo Land and they have recently purchased 500 acres of land for development. The idea is to slowly expand the size of Super Nintendo Land in phases.

You can read the full article from WFTV here or watch the summary video by GameXplain below.