New Pokemon Snap Gyro Controls, Voice Acting, And More Detailed + New Preview Footage Released

New Pokemon Snap Gyro Controls, Voice Acting, And More Detailed + New Preview Footage Released

New Pokemon Snap is poised to launch on Switch next month, and various news outlets have begun sharing their previews for the game.

From these previews, several new details have been confirmed about the title, the most interesting being that it will include Japanese and English voice acting, a rarity in most Pokemon games. Other interesting tidbits include information about Gyro Control support, as well as some key gameplay features.

You can find a list of these below (via Nintendolife), along with some new gameplay footage for the title (Via Gameinformer):

  • The game will have both English and Japanese voice-overs, with the option to switch between them or turn it off.
  • Gyro/Motion controls can be enabled or disabled at any point in the game, and are not mandatory.
  • The higher the player’s Research Level, the more Pokemon will appear.
  • Some stages will have different variants depending on whether the player is there during the day, during sunset or at night.
    • Stages also have alternate routes to choose from while playing through them.
  • The new Scan Pulse feature allows players to see a Pokemon’s name and gender, as well as cause them to turn and face the player.
  • Illumina orbs can be thrown to cause different events to happen (e.g. a plant to shine brightly), which will cause more Pokemon to appear.
  • There is no character customization beyond the initial character selection screen.
  • There are no special bonuses that can be unlocked by owning other Pokemon games.
  • Players now have the ability to take pictures without having to zoom in, which was a limitation in the previous game.
  • Re-Snap and Photo-Editing can only be used after the photo has been evaluated by Professor Mirror, meaning they cannot be used to enhance your score.
  • Switch Online subscription is required to use New Pokemon Snap’s online features.

New Pokemon Snap releases on April 30th for the Nintendo Switch.

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