New Pokemon Snap Receives New Trailer

New Pokemon Snap Receives New Trailer

We have some new footage from the Pokemon Presents video today including a look at a new item to use in your photographic adventure.

New Pokemon Snap is just a few months away and today’s presentation showed Ilumina orbs which can affect how Pokemon behave in the wild.

Wild Pokémon thrive on the islands of the Lental region, where environments can differ greatly, making for a variety of habitats where different Pokémon expressions and behaviors can be observed. Players will be able to get their attention by playing a melody or throwing fluffruit. They’ll also be able to use an Illumina orb (an invention of Professor Mirror’s) on Pokémon to witness something out of the ordinary. They can even use their camera to run scans, which can help them find hidden Pokémon or inspect their surroundings. As players keep researching a course, their research level there will increase, and they may discover Pokémon acting in different ways. Trainers may even encounter Legendary Pokémon or Mythical Pokémon.

Check out the trailer below.