Niantic Celebrates Pokemon Festa In Seoul

Niantic Celebrates Pokemon Festa In Seoul

Travelling around Seoul anytime from now until 26 September? You might want to get your Pokemon Go app ready as the Pokemon Festa will bring in Pokemon normally not seen in Korea.

From 21 September to 23 September, trainers will get to catch Feebas, Trapinch, Tropius, as well as, Unown in the special event area. You can check out the event details here or from the PR below:

Pokémon Korea, Inc., will host the Pokémon Festa from Friday, September 14, to Wednesday, September 26. For the duration of this event, Trainers all throughout South Korea will find more Pokémon appearing across the country in Pokémon GO!

And from Friday, September 21, to Sunday, September 23, even more surprises will arrive in Seoul, South Korea. Pokémon such as Feebas and Trapinch will be in the area for this special event. Plus, Trainers at Lotte World Mall will be able to find Pokémon not normally seen in Korea, such as the Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Tropius and the Psychic-type Pokémon Unown!

Please visit Lotte World Mall to encounter these Pokémon!