Niantic Closes Pokemon Go Fest Fiasco With $1.5M Settlement

Niantic Closes Pokemon Go Fest Fiasco With $1.5M Settlement

We all know how Pokemon Go Fest went last year in Chicago. Hearts were broken, money was lost and the CEO of Niantic was jeered off the stage. It was clear that the 200,000 people that attended were not satisfied, so of them even flew from far away to attend.

According to TechCrunch, Niantic has agreed to pay out up to $1,575,000 to affected attendees of the fest. This is on top of the ticket refunds and $100 worth of Pokecoins.

According to documents filed in a Chicago court, an official website for the settlement should be up by May 25th, 2018, with an email sent to let attendees know. The documents also note a few potential catches: those claiming part of the settlement will need to have checked in to GO Fest through the game (presumably to prevent those who sold their tickets for a markup from getting more money out of it), and anyone claiming more than $107 in expenses will need to have receipts.

So were you there at the event? If so, hope you hear from Niantic real soon for your share of the $1.575M settlement