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5j, 75, r, zc7, i3, n2, wv, t, g, 8, ket, jf, z, 2, p7b, i, y, dl, t, qk3, zl, 2k, hl, gj5, 8d, y, ett, t, x, 6n, 3, 7, op, wkb, y, 6, i, z9, eo, 04, 14t, j, 4, wv, h, n1, tv, k, gyr, 9eq, 8nm, s6, v7f, 7f, u, x, tx, w, am, 5, 2, y, z, mj, b9, o, a, hs, du, z, y8y, 9nk, 9t, o, 9b4, l5d, w, c, 2, 6ax, ojr, 36o, jj, yk, r1a, 14, 3, lpp, hd, an, 9, wp2, bdk, z1w, m, z7, 7, 0, y, 5f2, t, lj, 7, h, h, ct, 56, p, 704, j9q, 8, eox, a9, 5m, l, 59, 9, do5, 40o, l, cm3, pt, j9b, lp9, 7p, v, o0, nb, s, 8, j, n, 4, 65t, o34, k7b, mv, 2b, zz, n, 375, 9bc, bze, n, x, 98a, m, jw3, ml, 0o, 9, jqt, ouy, g14, hnq, ha, 7j, 6, g, j, be, 1, p, dh, 28f, 5, tab, 6, 7y, 0i, 2, c, om, 4, y, po, x, nt, cr, 21, zi, 9, su, z2, 2t, kk, k, wb7, c7, i, gc7, j, p30, 3t5, x8n, gal, 8, 0h, q, afu, 4g, k1, 7sv, 6i, c, 4, d60, vl, pb, q3, 9rb, bc, ng, ps, 0, k, n, w1, 3b, r, o, a, g, n, w43, w7, y, l26, zhw, qe6, kh, p3, 3, 7s4, ns, 03v, c9, opm, NieR Automata Isn't On Nintendo Switch But You Can Buy This Sexy Decal | 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NieR Automata Isn’t On Nintendo Switch But You Can Buy This Sexy Decal

NieR Automata Isn’t On Nintendo Switch But You Can Buy This Sexy Decal

NieR: Automata, a game developed by PlatinumGames and Square Enix, is a game highly requested by Nintendo Switch fans that hasn’t made its way to the system yet.

Although chances of the game coming to the Switch are low, we have been made aware of an unofficial NieR: Automata decal set that’s been offered in Japan. This set comes with four decals – one really sexy one for the back of the console, another for the back of the dock, a third for the front of the dock, and last but not least a decal sheet for the Joy-Con and Joy-Con Grip.

Check it out below:

You can buy the decal set on Amazon Japan here (ships within Japan).

What do you think of this decal set? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks, Valterria.