Ninja Box Receives New Screenshots, Details Revealed

Ninja Box Receives New Screenshots, Details Revealed

Bandai Namco has shared new details along with a slew of screenshots for their brand new sandbox crafting RPG, Ninja Box.

As we have previously reported, Ninja Box is a Switch-exclusive where you play as a ninja who builds his own hideout by making use of his crafting abilities.

While we got some in-game details, a release date is yet to be announced.

Read on below:

■ Build a “Secret Base!”

There are likely many who recall the child-like phrase that is “secret base.” Ninja Box, a brand new project from Bandai Namco Entertainment, is a game where you build your very own “secret base”—the only secret base of its kind—whether it is a “relaxing space” filled with only your favorite things, or a “giant fortress” big enough to get lost in.

Place your favorite things and you can make a relaxing space all your own. In the following screenshot, you can see the game’s large variety of items.

Crafting elements are also being prepared, allowing you to create parts and traps by gathering materials. What is being made here…?

From a tree house to a giant fortress, players are free to create their base how they see fit.

—Build your base up high if you want. Utilize your space to the fullest.

—You can even create a maze-like base.

Enemies will also attack your base. Repel the scoundrels approaching your secret base by using traps.

As the title “Ninja Box” suggests, many unique and outrageous ninjas appear in the game. How will you befriend them?

■ Characters


A ridiculous, always festive, show-off ninja from Tatemakuri Village. He records and uploads videos from his smartphone, which is attached to his forehead, and while they are not popular, he is always only thinking about how to get more views. The hammer that he carries is actually a high-tech item!?

—Tonkachi watches videos on his smartphone.

—What is the secret of Tonkachi’s hammer…!?


A fifth grade boy with normal grades, normal reflexes—super normal everything. However, his reactions are exceptionally large. He meets Tonkachi and gets wrapped up in building a base.