Ninjala 2D Cartoon Anime Episode 2 Now Available

Ninjala 2D Cartoon Anime Episode 2 Now Available

Want to dive further into the wacky world of Ninjala? GungHo has released the second episode of the game’s ongoing web anime series!

This time, the episode focuses on Lucy – another protagonist from the series. In particular, it dives into the dark past behind her unhinged demeanor – and the frightening truth of what’s lurking under her strange eyepatch…

Check it out below:

Lucy is a cheerful and considerate young girl who always looks after her friends. One day, while attempting to save a friend from some bullies, she inadvertently awakens her ninja powers. Alarmed and overwhelmed at her newly realized abilities, she attempts to hide them by avoiding people and shutting down emotionally.

However, when another incident occurs, Lucy once again re-awakens her shinobi abilities and must come to grips with her newfound power.

What is the nature of Lucy’s power?

Is there a secret hidden beneath her eyepatch?

These questions and more will be answered here in Episode 2, “A Secret Eye”!