Ninjala 2D Cartoon Anime Episode 4 Now Available

Ninjala 2D Cartoon Anime Episode 4 Now Available

Ninjala fans can once again jump into its wacky world with the fourth episode of its ongoing web anime series!

This time, the episode focuses on Kappel – a young kid training in the ways of kendo with his Grandpa. When a bunch of assassins come knocking, however…his grandpa reveals he knows more than just swinging bamboo swords around!

Check it out below:

Kappei is a young boy from Iga who practices swordsmanship under the watchful eye of his grandfather. One day, during a training session, Kappei and his grandfather are confronted by a band of assassins who have come seeking the secrets of the shinobi!
As Kappei and his grandfather fight for their lives, they are aided by a mysterious creature, but can they survive this relentless assault?!

WHO sent the assassins to attack Kappei and his grandfather?

WHAT is the connection between the mysterious creature and the power of the ninja?

WHY is Genunsai so salty about the Requiem Festival?

Contemplate these questions and more here in Episode 4, “The Shinobi Village”!