Nintendo 3DS Continues To Sell Even After Switch Launch

Nintendo 3DS Continues To Sell Even After Switch Launch

Some Nintendo fans have always felt that Nintendo should completely abandon the Nintendo 3DS after the release of Nintendo Switch.

Today the company released sales data showing how the Nintendo 3DS is selling this year, and it turns out it is still selling well even after the launch of Nintendo Switch, moving at least 50,000 units a week worldwide. See the weekly sell through graph below.

Sell through rates in the US remain healthy too, for both hardware and software as new titles continue to launch and the release of the New Nintendo 2DS XL brings in younger customers.

The same could be said for Europe.

The Nintendo 3DS saw a boost in hardware and software sales thanks to the launch of Dragon Quest XI. Its sales momentum for software continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate due to most titles that just released in the west (Monster Hunter Stories, YO-KAI WATCH 2, etc) having launched earlier in Japan in the last 2 years.

Nintendo expects the Nintendo 3DS to surpass 70 million systems sold worldwide in the very near future. It has currently sold 68 million units.