Nintendo Announces Miitomo Closing Down Goodies

Nintendo Announces Miitomo Closing Down Goodies

As most of you might have heard, Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile world, Miitomo, is going to close its doors in May.

To end of with a bang, Nintendo has announced some goodies for players who are still on the Miitomo platform. Although Miitomo coins won’t be purchasable anymore, Nintendo is ”generously” giving 2000 coins and 5 game tickets every day as a log-in bonus.

If there is something that you still wish to do in Miitomo, don’t delay anymore, let’s see this weird social experiment to the end.

Miitomo will no longer be available as of 5/9/2018.

As a big thank you to everyone who has enjoyed playing Miitomo, we’ve prepared some special events so you can continue having fun until the very end!

#1: Daily Login Bonus – receive items until the last day!
Users can log in to Miitomo to receive daily bonuses until the very end!
Now is your chance to collect the items you’ve been eyeing and make an amazing Miifoto memory!

Daily Login Bonus Details
Miitomo coins x 2,000
Game tickets x 5

Note: Miitomo coins can no longer be purchased.

#2: The Final Miifoto Event – tweet your Miitomo memories!
Head to Twitter and share a fun Miitomo memory by tweeting your favorite Miifoto!
This is the last Miifoto event for Miitomo, so don’t miss your chance to participate!

#3: Answers All About Miitomo – share your Miitomo memories with everyone!
Until the end of service, all questions in Answer Central, as well as the question of the day, will be about Miitomo memories. Try sharing some of your own!

Thank you to all our dedicated users for contributing to Miitomo. There’s only a short time left to enjoy playing Miitomo, so please make the most of it by participating in these events!

Source: Miitomo page