Nintendo China Subsidiary iQue Transitioning Into Game Development

Nintendo China Subsidiary iQue Transitioning Into Game Development

Today we have some interesting information concerning iQue, a Nintendo subsidiary based in mainland China.

When iQue was first established in the early 2000s, its sole purpose was to distribute and market Nintendo products under the iQue brand in China.

After the launch of the iQue 3DS XL, which wasn’t very successful, the company started localizing various Nintendo Switch games in Simplified Chinese.

While we have all known that iQue is helping to localize various first party games, what we didn’t know was its gradual shift to game development.

There are two pieces of evidence proving this – first, iQue is no longer labelled as a sales office by Nintendo. The subsidiary is now one of the subsidiaries listed under “Development, Localization, and Testing”.

Secondly, iQue has started hiring programmers and game testers. The programmer job listing mentions the following:

  • Development of game software projects for Nintendo-related platforms.
  • According to the specific conditions of the project, work with art and designers to complete the development of the project.
  • Engaged in the development of tool software related to the project.

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