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srj, b4p, Nintendo Confirms That You Can Pet The Animals In Dragon Quest XI | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Confirms That You Can Pet The Animals In Dragon Quest XI

Nintendo Confirms That You Can Pet The Animals In Dragon Quest XI

We have our answer.

PAX West hosted a presentation all about Dragon Quest this morning and answered some unexpected information about the little features of the game. Hosts of the panel included the director, assistant producer, and producer who discussed the history of the franchise, the game’s style and some fun facts.

This presentation included a slide with a crucial piece of information. Players can indeed pet the animals in this game.

And not only that, the iconic slimes from the game are edible as well!

They covered the process behind creating some of the characters with series artist Akira Toriyama who is known for his work on the Dragon Ball series.

What do you think about this PAX West presentation? Let us know below.