Nintendo Encouraging Third Parties To Bring Mature Games To Switch

Nintendo Encouraging Third Parties To Bring Mature Games To Switch

Game developers of risque and violent titles that you typically don’t see on a Nintendo platform have claimed Nintendo is wooing them to bring these games to Nintendo Switch.

According to an article by Wall Street Journal, these developers have planned to bring more mature titles to Nintendo Switch after Nintendo’s encouraged them to “publish a wide range of titles”. An executive from a development company even said Nintendo has never been this proactive before.

One reason why Nintendo is wooing these developers is due to the company’s new mindset. Unlike the old Nintendo which wanted to maintain a family friendly image, the new Nintendo believes their game systems cover a “variety of playing styles, genres and ratings”.

By doing so they hope to appeal to a wide audience on Nintendo Switch, similar to how there are many people who are attracted to different genres and types of books and movies.

Another voice backing up what Wall Street Journal discovered is former Famitsu Editor-in-Chief Hamamura-san. Hamamura told Mantan in an interview that he has heard about several third party developers starting work on Switch projects a couple of months ago after seeing its huge success. He believes these titles should be releasing in 2019.