Nintendo Explains Their Mobile Game Partnership With Cygames

Nintendo Explains Their Mobile Game Partnership With Cygames

Nintendo is a stranger to the field of mobile games, that was why they enlisted the help of DeNA to help them kick-start their journey to mobile dominance. A few years passed and Nintendo now find themselves another partner, Cygames, to develop a new IP, Dragalia Lost with them.

During a Q&A session after their financial brief, Nintendo explained the rationale of their new partnership.

Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima said that while Nintendo’s idea for mobile games is to spread Nintendo’s IP to the masses, Nintendo also wants mobile games to eventually be a pillar of revenue for Nintendo. As internal resources within Nintendo is limited to continually undertake mobile projects, external sources were sought. That is where Cygames come in.

This in no way changes Nintendo’s existing relationship with DeNA as their partnership extends beyond just mobile games. In fact, DeNA is responsible for Nintendo’s account system. Kimishima states that he is satisfied with their partnership with DeNA and that it will continue on.

Dragalia Lost will be the first Original IP that Nintendo will be putting on smartphones. Should they have put it on their own platforms? Let us know in the comments.