Nintendo France Refuses To Repair Joy-Con Drift For Free

Nintendo France Refuses To Repair Joy-Con Drift For Free

As you all know, Nintendo of America and Nintendo distributors in Latin America offered to repair the Joy-Con drift issue for free after threat of a class action lawsuit.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case in Europe as French website Numerama has learned. While out-of-warranty Joy-Con could be repaired at no cost in North America, only those that are still within the 2 year warranty period apply in Europe.

If your warranty has expired or your receipt goes missing, you are given four options:

  • Pay 45 euros to get the Joy-Con repaired
  • Refuse and request for the Joy-Con to be destroyed
  • Refuse and pay 15 euros for Nintendo France to return the Joy-Con
  • Retrieve the invoice that proves your Joy-Con is within the 2 year warranty period and send it to Nintendo by mail

Numerama’s report angered Nintendo fans all across Europe and even some in North America. As the Joy-Con drift issue is a universal issue affecting customers worldwide, many want Nintendo to repair it for free in all territories, not just places where Nintendo was threatened by a class action lawsuit.

We’d also like to point out that a brand new pair of Joy-Con retails for 65 euros in France, so it doesn’t make sense to pay 45 euros to repair one Joy-Con.

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