Nintendo Is The No. 1 Reason Why The Chinese Buy Nvidia Shield

Nintendo Is The No. 1 Reason Why The Chinese Buy Nvidia Shield

The official Nvidia Weibo account has begun sharing with their fans the top reasons why customers living in mainland China purchase a Nvidia Shield.

Most of the customers who’ve reviewed the Nvidia Shield said the biggest reason why they purchased the system is to play Nintendo games. One believed Super Mario Galaxy is coming in 2019, and another thought the Nvidia Shield is the only way to purchase authentic Nintendo games in China. Some also hoped to see more Nintendo games released on Nvidia Shield.

We leave you with their comments below, translated by Chinese Nintendo:

“It’s worth the price just for the Super Mario Galaxy releasing next year! Also looking forward to gamestream so I can play Steam games on TV!”

“Fast shipping, great games! The key is, these are the only genuine Nintendo games playable in China*. Hope more games join the Shield library!”

“Very compact console, almost the size of a phone. Bought Mario from the Nvidia store,. Powerful console, smooth gameplay, no input delays. The console comes with one controller, and I bought an extra: Good games should be shared with the family.This Mario game, a Wii port, is awesome! It’s so fun to play, and I’ve long since had such a great time gaming with my family. Hope more Nintendo games get ported to this console. I tried FIFA17 for streaming, feels good.

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