Nintendo Labo Invades The Classrooms Of Australia

Nintendo Labo Invades The Classrooms Of Australia

Since last year, Nintendo has been working hard to bring Nintendo Labo into the classrooms of children across America to help them develop their problem solving skills and encourage them to be creative.

This year the same has happened in Australia with a new workshop program kicked off by Nintendo Australia and Girl Geek Academy. Nintendo Australia hopes there would be at least 800 sign-ups with this program.

See what the people involved have to say:

Sarah Moran, Girl Geek Academy Co-Founder and CEO

“Nintendo Labo is a special piece of magic that brings basic STEM educational principles to life. It’s perfect for the little learners because they can build and customise their very own STEM toys creations and bring them to life.
The clear outcome is an ignited passion and excitement for STEM at an early age in a way few other programs are able to achieve. Nintendo Labo sparks joy not only in kids but in teachers and parents too.”

Nintendo Australia Managing Director Kamon Yoshimura

“We hope our program provides children across Australia with the tools to build, explore, problem-solve and, in the process, get excited about design and technology – all while having fun. We also hope that Nintendo Switch bringing Nintendo Labo to life will provide a fun and exciting way for kids to explore basic STEAM topics together while building a fundamental understanding of the technology behind them.”

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