Nintendo Labo Is “A Key Product”, Will Continue Support “Well Into The Future”

Nintendo Labo Is “A Key Product”, Will Continue Support “Well Into The Future”

Nintendo Labo is one of Nintendo’s latest IP and so far it has seen moderate success. Although not a huge chart breaker, Nintendo is committed to the new IP.

Speaking to Forbes, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime said that the Nintendo Labo met Nintendo’s expectations and is a great gateway for children to learn to code. As a result, it is a key product for Nintendo and is something that Nintendo will continue to support into the future.

Perez: Bringing up Nintendo Labo again, that was kind of your first big release for the fiscal year. How’s it been doing? Has it met your sales expectations and do you have expansion plans for it as we approach the holidays?

Fils-Aimé: So it’s absolutely met our expectations, and to put this in perspective, we see Nintendo Labo as a title and a platform that will sell for extended periods of time, much like we experienced with Brain Age on the DS or Wii Fit on the original Wii. And so for us, what we need to make sure we do is continue to drive engagement with parents and their kids. There’s a lot of activity happening this summer as parents are looking for experiences for their kids while they’re out of school. Here in the Americas, we have activity going on in the fall in the educational market, showing how Labo can be used for an entry into coding, as well as the maker community and the creation of the Labo toy-cons themselves. And so it is going to be a key product for us, and something that we’re going to continue to support, not only through the balance of this year, but well into the future.

Nintendo Labo’s advertisements have so far shown Labo projects that have yet to be placed on shelves. It is unknown if Nintendo will ever produce them, but with Reggie’s comment, it would seem like they will eventually all see the light of day.