Nintendo Labo Sales “Solid”, “Not Fantastic”, “Not Terrible”

Nintendo Labo Sales “Solid”, “Not Fantastic”, “Not Terrible”

The Nintendo Labo had somewhat of a mixed reception when it was first announced earlier this year, still during Nintendo’s financial brief, Nintendo’s President, Kimishima said that the cardboard build-and-play game is reaching out to many elementary school children and their families but we never got a feel how popular it was.

According to NPD analytics, the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit was the 4th most popular game in April 2018 with a solid debut. Although NPD analyst, Mat Piscatella, continued stating that it was neither fantastic nor terrible sales.

“Solid debut month sales —certainly not fantastic and definitely not terrible. The story for Labo will really be told in the months leading to Q4 and, of course, in holiday. I think the April sales set a solid foundation, and I don’t think anything in the April data suggests anything more than that. The market jury is certainly still out. It continues to be something very difficult to analyze and predict, certainly.”

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