Nintendo: Making WarioWare Gold Wasn’t Easy

Nintendo: Making WarioWare Gold Wasn’t Easy

WarioWare Gold, a compilation of over 1100 microgames from previous WarioWare titles, is widely seen as a cash-grab by Nintendo.

Today, in an interview with Kotaku, Nintendo’s Goro Abe revealed the sheer amount of work the company had put in order to make WarioWare Gold for Nintendo 3DS. Abe says every single microgame was reprogrammed and redrawn from scratch.

See his full comments below.

“We basically redrew the art for all the microgames and reprogrammed them from scratch. A lot of the games that look unchanged at first glance actually have a lot of changes upon comparison. There are over 1,100 in total if you include everything from Smooth Moves, D.I.Y., and Game & Wario. I surveyed the staff to determine which games from these titles we should polish. Then, I ranked all of the microgames according to elements like which ones are appreciated by the staff through the survey, which ones have rules that are easy to understand, and which ones don’t feel old when played now.”