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Nintendo: Many Women Working In Game Development

Nintendo: Many Women Working In Game Development

During the Nintendo Q&A session for investors, an investor wondered how many women are working at Nintendo as the number of women playing video games have increased in recent times.

Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi revealed there are many women working in developing software for Nintendo, especially at design teams. There are also apparently many women developers who have gave birth to children, and Takahashi feels Nintendo has created a good working environment for women who have given birth or have children.

Creative fellow Shigeru Miyamoto says there are many women designing games at Nintendo, and the director of the Animal Crossing series is a lady herself. After visiting video game studios in the west, Miyamoto felt the proportion of females working at Nintendo is higher than other studios overseas which have an overwhelming percentage of males.

Nintendo operating officer Ko Shiota says there are not many women working at system and hardware development, and the number of women at the hardware division is very low as compared to the software division. Shiota thinks the ratio of men and women working at hardware development could very well change in the future.

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