Nintendo Net Profit Exceeds Analyst Expectations By Two Times

Nintendo Net Profit Exceeds Analyst Expectations By Two Times

The Nintendo Switch has been an extraordinary success not only with gamers and developers, but also investors as well.

Thanks to the strong sales of Nintendo Switch hardware and software, Nintendo has exceeded expectations by investors and analysts alike.

According to the Wall Street Journal, for the duration of July to September 2017, analysts expected Nintendo to achieve an operating profit of 21.3 billion yen and 183 billion yen in revenue. Nintendo has beaten these expectations with an operating profit of 23.8 billion yen (USD209.4 million) and 220 billion yen in revenue.

The difference in net profit is much larger. While investors and analysts expected Nintendo to be in the black of 15.8 billion yen (USD140 million), Nintendo’s actual net profit came up to 30.2 billion yen (USD265 million).

As a result of these fantastic earnings, Nintendo has doubled its operating profit and net profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2018, and is expecting to sell 16.7 million units by then, which is an increase of 4 million units from their previous projections.